A week long experimental project / a possible model for a summer school / residency.

Located in El Bruc Spain – supported by Can Serrat an international artists project.

A collaboration between five artists, who work in sound and moving image (but not exclusively) and have an interest in investigating new models for working.

Together (with a focus on providing physical, visual, and sonic experiences) they met for one week to form a framework / programme for deep collaboration – set against the backdrop of the enduring Montserrat mountain range.

The five artists were Natasha Cox and Jaime Hudson, Isobel Mei, Rob Shuttleworth and Penny Klein.

Residents were also invited to participate in the research-based activities.

The overall aim was to consider an alternative model for artist residencies. To build a structure that questioned the conditions of artistic work while emphasising the importance of knowledge and skill sharing.

Time Alone Together is ‘self organised’ long-term project that is deeply rooted in the place and participants at that moment. Like many self-organisation models this one was set up in response to a lack of discussion around sustainability and care within the arts – particularly in relation to art organisers – with an aim to create new organisational structures for experimentation and active change.

Working within a ‘post studio’ practice we attempt to explore how art spaces can be used as sites for alternative modes of living and learning. Proposing non-hierarchical structures of working, that empowering people by giving them the tools to teach as well as learn – giving agency back to all participants in order for radical learning to take place.  

The Framework for Time Alone Together came from working as both a facilitator and artist within alternative educational settings, and feeling an urgent need for structures that address the destructive working practices within the arts that do not allow for reflection or critique, but rather lead to burnout. 

At this time the project is open ended and kindly support by Can Serrat. Working in this way, without expectation or preconceived outcomes is a unique and freeing experience that has allowed for new and thoughtful working possibilities  – that put care and suitability first. This space and support allows us to challenge certain conditions within the art world that can fundamentally be detrimental to the physical, mental and creative wellbeing of individuals. Instead Time Alone Together offers a supportive structure that questions the conditions of artistic work and enforces the importance of sharing knowledge and practices in a sustainable way.

This project is ongoing and is set to take place remotely until the group reconvene at Can Serrat in 2020. 

Listen to Sendspaace w/Time Alone Together on NTS here

Watch (below) a 3 min Excerpt of ‘Tile Pile” Moving image work that proposes a visual and sonic score exploring themes of deep collaboration, skill sharing, peer to peer learning and friendship. Taking both the creative outcomes and the practical  material as the subjects.

Images: Stills ‘Tile Pile’ a visual score for collaborative sound work.