March 2020 – Systems For Sharing, organised by Natasha Cox  &  Sean Roy Parker at Brixton Pound Surplus Canteen.

FREE, drop-in creative and practical workshops every Mon & Tues at 3pm . No equipment or experience necessary. Come early for lunch or stay late for supper!

Skill sharing and workshops include: rewiring a plug, open poetry session, house plant propagation, embroidery demo, Tarot reading and Slow Walk workshop.

More info Here 

1st February- 4-6pm: Dreaming of a neon night-scape
Irruptive Chora at Chalton Gallery

As a response to Irruptive Chora’s invitation, Diaspore is presenting an afternoon of performances and interventions exploring the symbiosis of relationships. Artists are invited to tell stories of the night, romance, remembering, togetherness and separation. This mood creates a space to reflect upon relationships – to the self, between two, a group, an entire ecosystem – in a moment where bodies can be at ease, vulnerable or vibrate together. Guest artists include: Lou Atessa, Natasha Cox, Jamie Green, RHO (Sara Rodrigues and Rodrigo B. Camacho), Theo Turpin and Markus Vater.

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Tuesday 22 October 4.30pm -6pm: ‘RACO’ discussion about the precarious nature of working in the arts (be that as an arts organisers /artists /writer etc). At Can Serrat, El Bruc, Spain.

This is a meeting, facilitated by Natasha Cox, that aims to share stories and coping mechanisms – and to question the historical image of the ‘artist’. Together we will explore and share the practicalities and realities of a work/art/life balance – and map out possible ways of communicating these ideas to a wider group. Part of a ongoing series of discussions that take place at Can Serrat as part of the international residency program. To be published online as a podcast in the coming weeks.

19th October: Art Licks Weekend radio station, run in partnership with TACO! and RTM.

TAT were invited to contribute ‘Tile Pile’ by curators Lou Marcellin and Susannah Haslam to a broadcast exploring ‘the role that friendship plays in the making of art, its discourse, education and its infrastructuring and organisation’. The work ‘Tile Pile’ was performed as part of the Time Alone Together Residency by Natasha Cox and Jamie Hudson, Isobel Mei, Rob Shuttleworth and Penny Klein.

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Friday October 18th 8.45pm: Film Screening at Can Serrat, El Bruc, Spain

A screening bringing together works from residence artists and organisers at Can Serrat that are intrinsically linked to the site of the residency.  

Films from: Mohammad Alfaraj, Javier Zamora, Natasha Cox, Sara Ebrahim, TAT collective  and Gillian Barlow. 



October 3rd – 26th: Can Serrat, El Bruc, Spain.  

For the majority of October I will be in residences at Can Serrat working on both developing work made as part of the Time Alone Together residency – that took place in August, and a more long term project around sustainable residency models and collaboration.  More info to follow.

25th August: SEND SPAACE on NTS

This months show shares some of the collective work made while taking part in Time Alone Together, a experimental residency hosted by Can Serrat in El Bruc organised by artists Natasha Cox and Jamie Hudson. Artists that took part were Rob Shuttz, Isobel Taylor, and Penny Klein. 

Jamie Hudson monthly show brings a hour of hyper-terrestial, futuristic sounds straight from the information superhighway.

Listen here 

2-4th August 2019: Supernormal Festival.

Supernormal is a three-day, experimental arts and music festival taking place at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire. It offers a platform for artists, performers and musicians to work collaboratively and creatively for a new kind of audience seeking experiences out of the mainstream. It is determinedly small and intimate with an audience of 1,500. It has been born from a place that values the currency of ideas and imagination, as well as the inclusivity of artists and audiences alike, rather than commercialism and profit.

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16-24th of August, 2019: Time Alone Together – a collaborative sound and moving image residency.

Time Alone Together will be a week-long research program located onsite at Can Serrat and within the surrounding landscape. Five artists working in sound and moving image will work collectively, exploring collaborative production with a focus on providing physical, visual, and sonic experiences. 

The five artists invited from the UK are Natasha Cox and Jamie Hudson plus Rob Shuttz, Isobel Taylor, and Penny Klein. 

More info to follow.

17–24 June 2019:  Supernormal Artists Residency hosted at Braziers Park. 
The week-long residency will provide participating artists with the opportunity to explore their creative practice within the unique context of Braziers, and develop a new work for the festival (2–4 August 2019).
Selected artists are: Jessica Ashman, Nick Harris, Samuel Lanchin & Samra Mayanja, April Lin, Rob Shuttleworth and Samiir Saunders.
Facilitated by Laura Bottin, Natasha Cox and Matilda Strang.
More info here 

22nd March: Artist Film Screenings as part of The Alternative Art School Weekender, Tanner st London.

20.30 – 22.00

A collection of short films from artists across the schools, assembled by Phoebe Cunningham, SOTD.

The Alternative Art School Weekender is a creative project inviting you to come along and be part of a growing network of people who are self-organising to reconsider the shape of academic art education and questioning how these shifts in ethics and practice might challenge the art establishment. Hosted by The Other MA (TOMA*).

For a full schedule of events visit the facebook event

10th – 15th February: Retreat 2019, Northumberland.

Retreat an annual residential workshop that has taken place in various remote locations across the UK since 2008. It isn’t a holiday; instead, it’s an opportunity to enjoy communal living and intensely debate artistic practices. Each year a range of creative people, including artists, gallerists, choreographers, musicians and theatre practitioners are invited to take part.

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16th February: Talking With Neighbours – rethinking the institution at TATE EXCHANGE. Group workshop

Hosted by Theatrum Mundi

15.00 – 16.30
Enacting New Models – and keeping them going
How are different types of work – from the artists to the cleaning – acknowledge and valued in future organisations? Who gets to have a voice in these imaginings? And who’s doing the washing up?

A group session led by Eva Rowson and Natasha Cox to think about how to make small changes in our everyday work which can propose new models – and make it possible to sustain them. As workers in arts organisations we find ourselves replicating, often without realising, formats and behaviours behind the scenes that our public programmes and panel discussions claim to be re-thinking. Institutions and grant-makers set out to imagine ’radical’ new models, but tend to avoid re-thinking the structures which support them.

More about the full event that runs 12:00 – 19:00 here 

4th – 7th October: Art Licks 2018 x Assembly Point online project. 

Assembly Point invites you to the online exhibition GIOTROP opening on Thursday 4 October to coincide with Art Licks Weekend 2018. This exhibition in the form of a compilation album will host art and artists whose work exists and revolves around the sound/musical and visual arts axes. The album will be accompanied by a visual response to the soundtrack.

Full info here 

Tall Tales from an Artist Led Space publication, now available.

A publication that brings together works made in response to an archive research placement at Cubitt Gallery. With an intro from William Noel Clarke and work from Amelia Barratt, Keira Greene and Natasha cox.

Printed by Housework Press 





17th – 23rd September: BYE HUN, School of the Damned Handover, Royal Standard, Liverpool. 

BYE HUN symbolizes a swan song, an elegy, a passing of the torch, a graduation and a requiem. An end of year group show that included both the 2018 (outgoing!) and 2019 (incoming!) cohorts – a bringing together of ideas before parting ways. SOTD is a year-long alternative art course directed by its students. It was founded as a reaction to the increasing financialisation of higher education.
The school is constantly redefined by the motives of its students.

29th September: Tall Tales from an Artist Led Space, Cubitt Gallery, London

Through Your Eyes is a new moving image work and performance that restages a 35mm print from the Cubitt archive. This work considers the span of time at play within the archive and attempts the impossible, to embody the ‘spirit of’ a screening in the early years of this artist-led space, a context wholly altered. This durational work will trace the bodies who have occupied and shaped the identity of Cubitt, who have made up the figures that become so important in the ongoing cycle of their administration. These two moments fifteen years apart create a loop in the archive itself. In collaboration with Keira Greene. Full Info here 

11th—19th August: Visions & Signs, School of the Damned Grad Show

New works exhibited as part of sotd graduation show.

Exhibition at Sluice, 171 Morning Lane E9 6JY

Opening: 10th August 6-9pm

Events at SET SPACE, 27A Dalston Lane E8 3DF // Friday 10 August – performanceClub from 9.30pm / dancing from 11pm

27 th July — 29th July: Every Thing

Multiples included and for sale at Every Thing! 

An artist multiples event at Assembly Point.
Every Thing – a collaborative artists’ project that showcases a wide range of multiple and unique works for sale from collaborators past and present.
soon to available online here
(Images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Assembly Point, London. Photographs by Rob Harris.)

9th June 2018: Alternatives to the Alternative Art School, as part of Anti University .

At LARC (London Action Resource Centre), 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES

An open meeting, lead by a small group of educators, for the purpose of considering an alternative to the alternative art school model. This meeting will consider and conceive of a working hybrid education model to take forward to its realisation in the long term. It will do so through the facilitation of a series of parallel discussions (workshop style break-out) that will focus on specific organisational and infrastructural aspects of arts education broadly; value systems, sustainability, distributability, access. These parallel discussions will each be convened by an educator working with a particular subject focus/concern in/with the current arts education system, and include the participation of an undefined group of interested individuals.

Organised with Dr Susannah Haslam.