Soft Apocalypse it hasn’t happened. it hasn’t hasn’t happened. there’s not much to report on.

looking for who where when what why won’t work.
normal modes of inquiry prove fruitless.
cider from bad apples still intoxicates


organic petrol, feminist kettle, carbon-neutral pet,
fed blunted fragments, free lunch for hire
the hook the bait the trout


If even for short while
splinters in the right hands can
play cages as percussion

Performances and installations at the Averarad Hotel, October 2016

Performance from Liam Geary Baulch and the Flame Proof Moth; Own Bait/Own Trout visual and text conversations between Natasha Cox and Oliver Cox considering the work of Richard Brautigan; and I Promise, a workshop conceived by Hendrik Schneider.

Curated by Natasha Cox / Event Photography Sara Lynd

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