Soft Apocalypse 

Performances and installations at the Averarad Hotel, October 2016

Performance from Liam Geary Baulch and the Flame Proof Moth; Own Bait/Own Trout visual and text conversations between Natasha Cox and Oliver Cox considering the work of Richard Brautigan; and I Promise, a workshop conceived by Hendrik Schneider.

Curated by Natasha Cox / Event Photography Sara Lynd


it hasn’t happened. it hasn’t hasn’t happened. there’s not much to report on.
no mushroom cloud. no galactic collision. no flesh-eating epidemic.

looking for who where when what why won’t work.
normal modes of inquiry prove fruitless.
cider from bad apples still intoxicates.

organic petrol, feminist kettle, carbon-neutral pet,
fed blunted fragments, free lunch for hire
the hook the bait the trout

If even for short while
splinters in the right hands can
play cages as percussion

-oliver cox