A week long experimental project or a possible model for a summer school / residency

Located in El Bruc Spain – supported by Can Serrat an international artists residency

Five artists, who work in sound and moving image (but not exclusively ) and have an interest in investigating new models for working

Together (with a focus on providing physical, visual, and sonic experiences) met for one week to form a framework / programme for deep collaboration – set against the backdrop of the enduring Montserrat mountain range.

The five artists were Natasha Cox and Jaime Hudson, Isobel Mei, Rob Shuttleworth and Penny Klein. Residents were also invited to participate in the research-based activities.

The overall aim was to consider an alternative model for artist residencies. We wished to build a structure that questioned the conditions of artistic work while emphasising the importance of knowledge and skill sharing.

This project is ongoing.

Images from ‘Tile Pile’ a visual score to a collaborative sound work.